Long, long weekend.

My son has been sick since about Wednesday, so my wife and I took turns staying home with him last week. We were pretty much stuck at home all weekend, since he really wasn’t in any shape to go anywhere. We managed a couple of walks around the block, but little else. None of us got much sleep.

It didn’t make for a very fun Mother’s Day for my wife, I’m afraid. We spent most of Sunday cleaning and disinfecting the house and Cal’s toys.

I managed to get a scant amount of writing in, but it was all dedicated to the columns I’ve got due today-ish. The good news is, both are finished and I can focus on fiction for a while. Yay!

I have a number of things that’re going to impede my writing this week, though. Since I know about them, hopefully I can plan around them, but we’ll see.

My exciting news of the day? Head over to Purple Clover’s blog and check out the mini interview she did with me. I was one of the winners of her recent caption contest and my prize was a quick interview and a shameless plug! You really should read it, I mentioned you by name! Ok, that’s a lie, but it made you want to check it out, right?