Ok, that doesn’t make any sense, but I figured if I came out acting all defensive no one would give me grief about my lack of progress this past week.

Technically I did make progress. Only a couple of hundred words, though.

But the sun was in my eyes! The dog ate my chapter notes! I stopped to help an old lady change a flat tire!

Sorry, I had a flashback to that scene in The Blues Brothers where John Bellushi is makingexcuses to Carrie Fisher (who is holding an m-16) about why he never showed up.

There are a host of real excuses, first being the busy season at the real job. It’s kept me from going out and getting my forty-five minutes in during my lunch break, kept me late a few nights and kept my head spinning just a bit.

I’ve been able to keep work at work for the most part, but lately things have been so busy, it’s hard to come home and sit down in front of a computer screen to write after 8-9 hours staring at a different screen and writing.

This week, I will get some writing done. I hope some of it will be on the book, but I’m not counting on it. I’ve got my column due for the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers and another column due for the new issue of Blood, Blade and Thruster. Both are fairly mapped out and a decent portion of each are complete, but I’m sure things will come up to distract me (I haven’t mentioned that we just got digital cable and a DVR a couple of days ago, have I? I haven’t had time to mess with that yet, and that’s probably a good thing!)

21563 / 85000 words. 25% done!

How’s it going with you?