U.S. poet Craig Arnold is missing on an island in Japan. He disappeared Monday during a visit to a volcano on the Ryukyu Islands of southern Japan. He has been working on poetry about volcanoes.

Jeremiah Tolbert has a post on his blog that’s very informative called “Getting Started Writing Science Fiction”. It sounds like its geared toward the newbie, but it does have some good advice for all storytellers.

Prologues? We don’t need no stinkin’ prologues! Or do we? Hal Duncan talks about the uses and misuses of prologues over on his blog.

Good post over at Deadline Dames talking about when to listen to the muse, and when to tell it to shut up.

For everyone going through revisions or working with beta readers – SF Novelists talks about what makes good criticism.

I really enjoy The Argyle Sweater comics. Borders includes some of the panels in their emails.