I got to meet Jim C. Hines (he actually lets you call him MR. Jim C. Hines) briefly at a con a few months back and I really enjoy his blog. Here he talks about the writer as martial artist and carries that comparison out by describing what each ‘belt’ equates to for writers.

It’s a fun little post, but it is pretty much dead-on, at least for me. I can trace my journey as a writer through each of these levels (Well, not each of them, I’m still working my way up!). I can even point to the places I got stuck for far too long before figuring out what I needed to do to move on. See if you can do the same!

I accidentally washed my white belt with my red belt; I’m not sure what the pink belt symbolizes.

The image, btw, is from the comic The Tick #3: Night of a Million-Zillion Ninja.