I’m making progress, but there’s really nothing new to report today on the writing front. I thought I’d let you all in on some odd news stories you may have missed.

Some good advice over at Deadline Dames about the old “Show, don’t tell” thing.

A woman in Detroit was shot at during a break-in attempt in her neighborhood. It wasn’t a bullet-proof vest that saved her, apparently the underwire in her bra deflected the bullet.

A Star Wars reggae album from ’78 fetched a huge price on eBay.

Austrailian police are puzzled as to who would leave a live shark on on a newspaper publisher’s doorstep.

In Minnesota, a guy pretended to fall off a bridge to scare his friend. Funny until he actually fell. Oddly enough, he was drunk.

A library has a missing book returned 145 years after it was stolen.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Lovin’ News and Reviews brought the 7 Deadly Sins Game to my attention. Surprisingly, my gluttony is terribly low.