Cruising right along on this Work in Progress Wednesday update.

I got some writing/editing done on other projects, but still managed to get close to 2 thousand words since last week. I hope I can dedicate a little more writing time just to the book from now on, but there is one story that really needs a revision. Other than that one, I’ve got nothing else (writing-wise) to distract.

I cheated a bit this week. I jumped ahead and wrote a major part of the ending. Its something I had in my head and really wanted to get out before I forgot some of the details. I feel kind of like the person who buys a book and skips to the last page to see how it ends, but really those couple of scenes really helped to frame the story. I’ll probably rewrite a good portion of it, but it gives me something to connect the dot from the beginning.

Very thrilled with my output this week.

19756 / 85000 words. 23% done!

Closing in on a quarter of the way finished!