Thought I’d try to post my novel progress on Wednesdays as part of Work In Progress Wednesdays. Thanks to Kate Karyus Quinn for linking everyone together to share their work and for the excellent logo.

I managed to get about 1800 words out yesterday thanks to my lunch break and some extra time my wife set aside for me.

It was some interesting writing for me too. I wrote my first real fight scene of the book. There’s been some action already, it is a book about an assassin after all, but there hasn’t been any real shoot ’em up, hand-to-hand fistfight brawling until now. It was tough to choreograph and I’m sure it’ll need cleaning up later, but I’m pretty happy with how my main character handled it. Next comes a big argument between the sisters (my main characters) and I get to write another scene with my main villains. They are very fun to write. I always find the bad guys to be the easiest to bring to life for some reason.

I’m very happy with the progress so far. None of the characters or situations have given me too much trouble (yet). On one hand I wish I had larger chunks of time to work on it – on the other, I still think these small bursts are perfect for getting things out and then leaving the story to think about it for a bit before coming back.

According to the handy-dandy meter I picked up, I’m just over twenty percent done. That’s assuming I’m going to end up around 85,000 words. I think that sounds about right, though I may have to overshoot that to end up with that much after the edits. For now though, 85k sounds like a good goal.

18083 / 85000 words. 21% done!