I had a great a weekend with my family. We got to go to the park not once, but twice with our son. The weather was just great. We also got out for a good session with sidewalk chalk – one of Cal’s Easter presents.

The fiction writing didn’t go so well, mainly because all of the previously mentioned activities, coupled with some work around the house left me exhausted.

I did manage to write my April column for the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers newsletter, though. Since I write and publish quite a bit of poetry, I decided to write about April being Poetry Month from a speculative poet’s pov. It turned out pretty good, if not a bit too educational – ‘this is why you should give poetry a try’ sort of thing. Still, it was good to complete that one. I’ve already got next month’s column mostly done, so I’m not scrambling at the last minute to finish again.

I also took care of some of the extra stuff that goes with writing. I answered some emails, looked at a short story edit and updated my submissions spreadsheet. Not really time-consuming, but things that needed a look.

So, I’m clear to get back to the novel without interruption (for the most part), which is great because I’ve got ideas on what’s happening next in the book. I think I have enough material to write through several lunches, and I’ve got a couple of hours free before my Tuesday writers meeting thanks to my lovely wife! Woo Hoo!