How’s that for original? Happy New Year!

How did I celebrate? I watched the latest X-Files movie and went to bed around 11pm. I was going to stay up to see the new year arrive, but I was really depressed by the annoying hosts and the generic bands on the New Year’s programs. Ah well. It arrived fine without me.
How was the movie? Well, I was a huge fan of the show for the first several seasons, but didn’t watch the last season at all. I felt a bit lost when they made reference to the events I missed, but luckily they didn’t really talk about it much. It wasn’t a bad movie at all, but I think my wife, who isn’t a fan, summed it up best when she said it was like a really long episode of the show. Well put. A good episode, but nothing special.Throughout the beginning of the movie, Mulder has a real scraggly beard. I kind of wish he’d kept it throughout the film. It gave him a look that removed him from the show completely. Seeing as Mulder and Scully no longer worked for the FBI, I think the whole film could’ve used that attitude.