Over at Aviation.com, columnist David Armstrong posted his list, The Best Movies About Airplanes and Airports. It’s a good collection of what he refers to as a subjective list of the 10 best feature films about civil aviation. He has some good ones, but there was at least one I thought was a little more memorable.

1 – Airplane!
2 – United 93
3 – The Aviator
4 – Catch Me if you Can
5 – Airport
6 – Tokyo Joe
7 – The Terminal
8 – Octopussy
9 – Snakes on a Plane
10 – Air Force One

If you’re going to include a movie like Air Force One, how can you ignore Die Hard II? The entire movie takes place with Brue Willis in an airport and Bonnie Bedelia on a plane.

Of course Passenger 57 and Executive Decision didn’t make the cut, but what can you do? No one wants both Wesley Snipes and Steven Seagal on any list together.