It started snowing again this morning, that’s just the third time or so this year. I took Calvin to the sitter this morning and when I got him out of the car, I realized the last time he saw snow was when he was maybe seven or eight months old. I stood there with him for a minute to see what he would do. He didn’t notice at first until I held up the sleeve of my black jacket so he could notice the white flakes hitting it. It took a second, but he smiled and then he looked up to watch more of it come down. He said something like “Whoa!” and we watched a little while longer. I didn’t want to take him inside, I was enjoying his reaction too much, but I had to. On the way I took a little snow off a bush and packed it into a ball before I let him touch it. He thought it was pretty cool, no pun intended. The hectic drive to work wasn’t so bad after that.It’s snowing again, right now, as I write this.