More of my work is headed for print! I’ve been lax in announcing these things, but I usually wait until I get contracts, just in case. I’ve had a couple fall through and felt kind of foolish when they didn’t materialize. So here’s the brief list that I’ve managed to rack up in the last few months.

My story ‘Where it all went Bad’ is coming up at, possibly in January. It was fun to write and only my 2nd or 3rd full length story to see publication (As opposed to flash or poetry).

My flash piece, ‘Something with Subtitles, Maybe’ survived several ruthless edits and, I’m very happy to say, will appear in the upcoming anthology “Cinema Spec: Tales of Hollywood and Fantasy”. It should be a pretty cool anthology, considering what a pop culture lover I am. The titles and other contributor’s names are listed at I was bummed that I didn’t get a submission ready for Raven Electrick Ink’s previous anthology “Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic”. Ah well. I learned to make deadlines.

Another anthology, “The Book of Tentacles” will include my poem, ‘The Mantle of Power’. Another cool concept for a collection – every story has to have something to do with tentacles. Should be a good one.

Finally, my poem ‘We Killed the Morale Officer on Sweetest Day’ is set to be published (April maybe?) in Kaleidotrope. I’ve dug their work for a while, but couldn’t find a piece that fit till now.

Even though these acceptances came several months apart, its still an impressive Summer and Fall!