Comic book cover art is all about getting the consumer to pick up that issue and buy it. There are tons of great covers out there, but today let’s look at that time-honored tradition of the carry.

Usually its a hero or heroine being carried, or a hero doing the carrying. For clarification, here’s an example from The Flash:

What? The Flash running from something? Carrying a woman?

Ok, that’s not really a great example of what we’re talking about, but at least you get the visual.
The ‘Carry’ cover can have little to do with the actual issue…

Uncle Sam carrying a dead Wonder Woman? Oh no, how can that be?
Here’s another good example of this one from The Fantastic Four:

Reed’s dead? Nooooo!!!

But, sometimes the Carry is actually representative of the issue. Check out this Batman carry:

and this Crisis Carry:

There are other types of Carry covers. There’s the ‘But How?’ Carry, like this one from the X-Men:

Prof. Xavier and Magneto fighting together? And the Professor is standing? And holding a woman? But how?

This is an extreme example from Star Wars:

C3PO carrying an injured Luke? But how? I suppose it’s possible but…

Whatever is happening on the Carry cover, it’s designed to make you ask a question and hope that gets you to buy the comic.

Daredevil and Man-Thing fighting in a swamp over some guy? Why?

Gigantic Stormtroopers carrying Princess Leia off to a Tie Bomber? Whaaaat?

The one dude from the New Mutants carrying off the one girl from the New Mutants, while the other New Mutants struggle in a fire? Huuuhhh?

Superman vs. Bizarro Superman for Lois Lane? OMG! No way!

The Werewolf carrying off a woman while the villagers close in with torches? How in the… Ok that probably happened every issue. Bad example. Should’ve stopped with Superman.