The Super Friends were never allowed to play in any of D.C.’s reindeer games. Their stories weren’t a part of the overall continuity, and with pretty good reason. I recently stumbled on the trades of the SF comic series and found some things that would make your cape curl (not in a good way).

How about this one, where The Overlord built some puppets and then put on a mind control helmet and was immediately able to addle the Super Friends’ minds? He
controlled them all at the same time, making them angry and ready to take over the world.

Naturally, Wonder Woman went to free the oppressed women of Africa, The Wonder Twins decided to take over all of Europe and Asia (Huh? What was the plan there?), Robin went to crush Australia, Batman covered North America and Superman, naturally, wanted to put the smackdown on South America. Yeah.

Anyway, Supes ran into trouble.

Yes, the Green Fury showed up to stop him. She eventually showed off some pretty rockin’ powers.


That’s all well and good, unless you show up like this…

Yeah. She rode in on green flames coming out of her nose! Think about that. Superman, in all his crazy powerful glory, versus the flaming snot powers of The Heroine of Brazil.

Are you seriously going to ask what the outcome was?

Sure, the comic was aimed at a younger audience, but come on.